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Carpe Insectae - Ant Repellent 9 - 12 oz spray bottle

Carpe Insectae - Ant Repellent 9 - 12 oz spray bottle
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Deet-Free and Safe for the whole Family.
Repels Red ants, Fire ants, crazy ants and other biting ants.
Also keeps Black ants, Carpenter Ants, and Sweet ants from
entering your home!
Completely All Natural
- Every batch is hand made
- Highest Quality Ingredients
- Effective on a wide range of pesky insects
- Use on shoes or socks, around ankles or bare feet
Specification & Warning:Do not ingest. Natural oils may cause allergic reactions, so read labels carefully for ingredients, and use common sense. High concentrations of natural essential oils should be avoided by epileptics or those breast feeding or pregnant, until advised by a physician. Contact with eyes should be avoided. If you have sensitive skin, a skin patch test is recommended before full use. While this product is safe to use on children, please keep out of reach of and supervise application. Repel-ANTâ„¢ may smell Camphoraceous, which is due to the combination of the ingredients. If allergic to Camphor, this odor may cause a reaction.
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