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Decorations and Ornaments

Decorations and Ornaments
Zoo Med - Betta Plastic Plant Salvia
UPC: 097612241235 (# 679964-56728-BP-23)
  1.     Naturalistic looking plastic plant for betta bowls and tanks
  •     Adds a natural highlight to a betta bowl or nano tank
  1.     Provides cover for hiding and resting
  2.     Includes suction cup for easy anchoring/attachment
Suggested Retail price: $3.19
Oase Living Water - Floating Lily Pad Variety Pack - Assorted
UPC: 871980009525 (# 032253-94824-45382)

Uv resistant. Includes 3 lily pads (one large and two small). Colors vary.

Suggested Retail price: $10.99