Fine Crafts - Kiss My Bass Wood Sign
UPC: FC-0095 (# 203ANI-75614-203ANI)
This is a plaque that say Kiss my Bass..great for the fisherman made from Red oak. Great gift idea for any angler.
Suggested Retail price: $95.00
Fine Crafts - Wooden Frog Display
UPC: FC-0226 (# 239ANI-75566-239ANI)
This is wooden sign display of a Frog. This piece is made from 1/2" maple wood. The item measures 6 1/2 inches high by 7  inches wide. This is left unpainted if you want to paint or stain it.  Makes a fantastic gift idea for any frog lover.
Suggested Retail price: $20.00
Fine Crafts - Wooden Handmade Bunny Rabbit
UPC: FC-0245 (# 143ANI-75543-143ANI)
This is a handmade scrolled wooden Bunny Rabbit. Made from 1/2  inch red oak and measures 8" high by 5" wide. A nice cute gift idea.
Suggested Retail price: $40.00