First Aid

Durvet - Ivermectin Sheep Drench - 960 ml
UPC: 745801110687 (# 456805-42331-001-1068)
• Treats and Controls Adult & 4Th Stage Larvae Of Gastrointestinal Roundworms, Lungworms
• All Larval Stages Of Nasal Bot Adult Forms Only Of Hovina
• May Be Used In Any Standard Drenching Equipment Or In Any Equipment Which Provides A Consistent Dose Volume
• Administered Orally At A Dose Of 3Ml Per 26Lbs Body Weight Or 200Mcg Ivermectin Per Kilogram Of Body Weight
Suggested Retail price: $99.69
Durvet - Screw Worm Aerosol - 12 oz
UPC: 745801334007 (# 058530-42244-03-1113400)
• A Screwworm and Ear Tick Spray
• Controls Flies, Mosquitoes, and Gnats For Use As A Premise Spray Also
• For Use On Wounds To Kill and Repel Flies and Fly Maggots
Suggested Retail price: $13.19
Durvet - Scarlet Oil With Sprayer - 16 oz
UPC: 745801118010 (# 048472-42234-01 DDD1801)
• A Non-Drying Dressing For Use As An Aid In The Treatment Of Simple Wounds, Cuts, and Abrasions
• For Use On Animals
• Non-Aerosol
• Economical
Suggested Retail price: $11.19