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Fur Toys

Petlou - Small Tunnel - 15 X 10 Inch
UPC: 707418008412 (# 00841-71608)
This flat-bodied toy offer the best of both. One side is a furry flat body that gives your pet the feel of a fur pelt. Flip it over for a multiple squeaker matt pocketed in heavy-duty fabric for a sturdier, longer lastiting chew toy. Constructed for extra durability.
Suggested Retail price: $116.99
Ethical Dog - Dura Fuse Hemp Friends - 18 Inch
UPC: 077234541906 (# 690367-91525-54190)
• Durable Hemp Material Fused With Tricot For Durability
• Furry Plush Tail
Suggested Retail price: $14.49
Marshall Pet Products - Marshall Ferret Face Toy
UPC: 766501004670 (# 572053-113696-FT-467)
Fun plush toy for your ferret.
Suggested Retail price: $5.09
Zanies - Funny Furry Fatty - 48pc refill multi
UPC: 721343037057 (# ZA5209 48-111628)
Squeak, crinkle, squeak–what's that sound? Our multi-textured, multi-sound Zanies Funny Furry Fatties are designed to heighten the joys of doggie playtime.
Suggested Retail price: $478.94