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Hutches & Accessories

Ware Mfg- Dual Dugout Walk In Hutch Hi-Rise-Natural- 79 X 26 X 66
UPC: 791611140772 (# 089373-97281-14077)

For rabbits or chickens. Openable corrugated, plastic roof. Easy to clean pull pan. 2 nest boxes

Suggested Retail price: $850.09
Ware Mfg- Belgian Barn For Chickens Or Rabbits-Gray/Tan-77X47X61
UPC: 791611140598 (# 089366-97279-14059)

For rabbits or chickens. 2 nest boxes. 2 rooster bars. Easy to clean pull pan. Designed for larger spaces.

Suggested Retail price: $969.09
K&H Pet Products - Thermo-Chicken Percher
UPC: 655199021109 (# 043258-89532-2110)
• No More Frozen Toes, Most Birds Being Covered In Their Own Down Blanket Lose A Lot Of Body Heat Through Their Feet
• The Gentle Warmth Provided By The Perch Aids In The Retention Of Body Heat
• The Perch Warms The Entire Body Utilizing The Birds Own Circulation System
• 5.5 Foot Cord Length
• Dual Internal Thermostats Regulate The Perch To The Perfect Temperature, Day and Night
• Warm Perch= Happy Birds
Suggested Retail price: $53.39
New Age Pet - Ecoflex Fontana Chickenbarn-Red-Medium
UPC: 896819003611 (# 057002-95841-ECHK103-B-RD)
Holds up to 5 hens. 10 year warranty.
Suggested Retail price: $284.09