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Insecticide On Animal

Manna Pro - Fly - Force Fly Control Shipper - 46 Piece
UPC: 095668954406 (# 667880-113859-1030127)
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Suggested Retail price: $1268.64
Chemtech D - Dairy Bomb 55 - 25 oz
UPC: 745801333031 (# 698207-68684-003-DCH3303)

Note: This product is restricted to CT,LA,ME,MS,NJ 

• For Use On Cattle, Horses, Swine, Chickens and Other Livestock, As Well As Premises
• Indicated For The Control Of Flying and Crawling Insects In Homes, Dairies, Horse Barns, Cattle Operations, Etc
• Kills and Repels. Premium Formulation Dymel 152A Not Water Or Oil Based
• Natural Pyrethrins Formula Provides Quick Knockdown and Killing Power
• Dual Activators (Synergists) Lessen Insects Ability To Resist Active Ingredient
• Provides Even Fog and Ideal Particle Suspension Throughout The Life Of The Aerosol

Suggested Retail price: $37.09
Durvet Key Items - Spectam Scourhalt Pig - 1000 ml
UPC: 359130732047 (# 094938-42330-01-1SPE011/10001000)
• For Use In Pigs Under 4 Weeks Of Age For Treatment Of Porcine Enteric Colibacillosis, Or Scours.
• For Use On Swine Less Than 4 Weeks Of Age.
• Do Not Administer Within 21 Days Of Slaughter.
• Only For Use In Pigs Under 15 Pounds.
• Keep Away From Children.
Suggested Retail price: $82.79
Merck Ah Cattle - Ultra Boss Pour-On Insecticide For Cattle & Sheep-1 Quart
UPC: 615260028 (# 176298-97684-007-526002)
Fast-acting 5% permethrin formulation with 5% piperonyl butoxide optimizes control. Effective horn fly control for 8 weeks. Also controls face flies. Season long lice control with 1 application. For lactating and non-lactating dairy cattle, beef cattle, calves, sheep, lactating and non-lactating dairy goats and horses. . Made in the usa
Suggested Retail price: $51.09