Durve - Duramycin 72-200 - 250 Milliliter
UPC: 745801105546 (# 075360-63549-01 0554NB)
• For The Treatment Of Disease In Beef Cattle, Dairy Cattle, Calves, Including Preruminating (Veal) Calves, and Swine
• Discontinue Use At Least 28 Days Before Slaughter
• Milk Taken During Treatment and 96 Days After Last Dose Cannot Be Used For Food
• Cattle: At First Sign Of Pneumonia Or Pinkeye, Inject A Single Dose Intramuscularly According To Package Dosage Guidelines
• Do Not Give More Than 10 Milliliters At Any One Site
• Swine: At Signs Of Pneumonia, Give One Dose According To Swine Guide
Suggested Retail price: $38.39
Durvet - Levamed Soluble Pig Wormer - 20.17Gm
UPC: 899855300843 (# 698920-86428-001-1LEV003)
• Levamed Soluable Pig Wormer Is A Broad-Spectrum Anthelminticand Is Effective Against The Following Nematode Infections:
• Large Roundworms, Nodular Worms, Lungworms, Intestinal Threadworms
• Add To Water To Powder In This Bottle Up To The 500Ml Mark
• Agitate To Mix Thoroughly Before Using. If Any Solution Is Left Over It May Be Stored At Up To 25 C For Up To 3 Months
• Agitate Well Before Using
Suggested Retail price: $24.99