Ideal Instruments - Castrator Rings - Green - 100 Count
UPC: 726087020075 (# 033597-42730-2007)
• For The Use In Castration Of Lambs, Calves, Goats, and Other Animals Up To 250 Pounds.
• Latex.
Suggested Retail price: $2.79
Ideal Instruments - Sheep and Goat Dehorner
UPC: 726087021034 (# 698486-42797-043-2103)
• Dehorning & Branding
Suggested Retail price: $153.79
Ideal Instruments - Double Bow Sheep Shears - 6.5 Inch
UPC: 726087070155 (# 464749-42789-7015)
• Double Bow Sheep Shears Are Used To Manually Remove Fleece.
• The Shears Have A Rolled Bow, Which Creates An Easier Action and Increases Overall Strength.
• Heat Treatment Guarantees Hardness and Long-Term Edge Retention Of Blades.
• Clips The Wool To The Desired Length.
• The 6.5 Double Bow Sheep Shear Is Made From Sheffield Steel.
• Blades and Shanks Are A Single Piece For Increased Durability and Accuracy.
Suggested Retail price: $85.59
Andis - Showedge General Blade - 3.5X2.5X.5 INCH
UPC: 040102401756 (# 199752-76066-40175)
• Blades Deliver Precise, Smooth Grooming
• Easy Cleaning and Great Versatility From 3 Blade Choices: General Clipping, Medium Coarse, and Surgical
• Chrome Finish Resists Rust
• Leaves Hair 1/8 In
• Made In The Usa
Suggested Retail price: $78.89
Absorbent Products - Red Lake Earth - 6 Lb
UPC: 058633101052 (# 087310-45817-W105)
• Specially Formulated For Agricultural Use In A Fine and Slightly Coarser Grind
• Omri Listed For Use In Organic Production and Registered For Use As An Anti-Caking Agent
• Benefits Include: Improved Feed Conversion, Reduced Manure Odor
• Has Been Used In Dairy, Beef, Poultry, Equine, Bison, Sheep, Goat, Ratite and Pet Food Diets With Positive Results
• Safe and Does Not Contain Any Anti-Biotics Or Harmful Chemicals
• Ingredients Absorb Mycotoxins
Suggested Retail price: $19.49
W.F.Young - Miracle Groom - 32 oz
UPC: 011444146025 (# 001091-28067-427960)
• Ready-To-Use Spray That Works Without Soap Or Water.
• Cleans, Conditions, Deodorizes, Detangles and Shines.
• Removes Stains and Brightens Color.
• Use On Horses, Dogs, Cats, Llamas, Sheep and Cattle.
• Cleans, Conditions, Deodorizes, Detangles and Shines.
Suggested Retail price: $20.95
Miller Mfg - Hot Shot Recharge Battery
UPC: 0731141000467 (# 957818-101918-RBP)
Rechargeable nickel cadmium battery pack packs the life of hundreds of alkaline batteries. Closes securely with flip top. Led light lets you know its charging. Charges from either a 110-volt wall outlet or a 12-volt automotive battery with the proper adapter. Works with hot-shot 110v charger adapter mfg#r110 and the hot-shot 12v charger adapter mfg#r12.
Suggested Retail price: $111.29
Vets Plus - Power Punch Drench - 1 Gallon
UPC: 794535020021 (# 170324-47854-20-602)
• High Potency Nutrient Drench To Help Support Normal Energy Levels Appetite and Digestion In Cattle and Other Ruminants.
• Administer When Birthing Weaning Vaccinating Handling Weather Changes Shipping Or Post Antibiotic Treatment.
• For Calves Sheep and Goats.
• Shake Well.
• Administer Orally Using Drench Gun.
• Hold Head Of Animal In A Slightly Elevated Position and Carefully Place Nozzle Into Back Of Mouth Between Cheek and Teeth.
Suggested Retail price: $75.49
Eqyss Grooming Prod D - Crib-Guard Anti-Chew Gel - 16 Oz
UPC: 786232104203 (# 690314-91456-091-10420)
• Protects Your Horse From The Harmful Effects Of Chewing, Gnawing and Cribbing
• Will Not Irritate Skin
• Will Not Harm Vegetation
• Alcohol Free
• Safe For All Surfaces Including Leather
Suggested Retail price: $34.19
Rubbermaid Seasonal - Stock Tank Drain Plug - Gray
UPC: 071691147305 (# 533891-54384-505012C)
• For Use With 300, 150, 100 & 70 Gallon Rubbermaid Stock Tanks
• Plastic
Suggested Retail price: $29.49