Ware Mfg- Coop Control For Litter Improvement-32oz
UPC: 791611150153 (# 089376-97283-15015)

Sprinkle in chicken pen to minimize odors. 97% bio based organic carbon. Safe for chickens to ingest.

Suggested Retail price: $17.19
Manna Pro-Equine - Theracyn Poultry Wound & Skin Care Spray - 8 oz
UPC: 95668580506 (# 667840-104510-1000722)
Convenient one-step cleanser and wound dressing.. Cleans pecking sores lacerations skin rashes foot injuries and abrasions.. Helps promote natural healing.. Exclusive microcyn technology. Proven safe and veterinarian recommended. No sting formula
Suggested Retail price: $20.89
Goodwinol Products Corp - VetRx Poultry Remedy - 2 oz
UPC: 046938020017 (# 034923-57118-VET-PY-2Z-X)
• Effective Relief From Respiratory Disease, Crd, Croup, Scaly Leg Mites, and Favus Eye Worm
• For All Poultry Chickens, Turkeys and Game Birds
Suggested Retail price: $12.19
Manna Pro - Hen Healer Multi-Purpose Ointment - 2 Ounce
UPC: 095668951122 (# 667831-91984-00-9511-5379)
• Lanolin Based Blue Ointment Labeled For Poultry
• Safe, Proven Protection and Healing Without Carcinogens
Suggested Retail price: $6.59