Ideal Instruments - Dehorner Handle - 13 Inch
UPC: 726087021010 (# 009621-42778-2101)
• The Barnes-Type Dehorner Is Constructed With Stainless Steel Cutting Heads For Smooth Operation and Long Service.
• The Barnes-Type Dehorner Is Made From The Highest Grade Of Hardened Steel Used For Dehorner Heads.
• Polycoated Grips Reduce Slippage and Increase Comfort.
• Cutting Edges Overlap To Insure A Complete Cut.
• Stainless Steel Heads and Polycoated Grips.
Suggested Retail price: $38.89
Ideal Instruments - Electric Dehorner
UPC: 726087021003 (# 698485-42792-043-2100)
• For Dehorning Of Cattle Which Is Suggested To Be Done At A Young Age
Suggested Retail price: $116.09