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Waste Control

Super Pet - Hi-Corner Litter Pan - Large
UPC: 045125621464 (# 271141-4987-100079483)
For Ferrets and Rabbits.
Suggested Retail price: $19.09
Super Pet - Long John High Side Litter Pan - Assorted
UPC: 045125621457 (# 275205-4988-100079482)
Specifically Designed To Conform To The Long Contour Body Shape Of Ferrets and Rabbits.
Suggested Retail price: $9.49
Marshall Pet - Ferret And Small Animal Odor Remover - 8 oz
UPC: 766501000856 (# 571718-13329-FG-085)
• Eliminates Ferret Odors Including Glandular Secretions, Urine, Feces, Vomit and General Body Odors.
• Safe To Be Sprayed Directly On Ferrets, Accidents, Litter Pan, Cage Or Anywhere There S A Ferret Related Odor.
• Effects Are Quick and Permanent.
• Nontox.
Suggested Retail price: $10.29
Marshall Pet - Bi-Odor Ferret Waste Deodorizer - 8 oz
UPC: 766501001860 (# 571825-13331-FS-186)
• Deodorizes Ferrets Stool, Urine and Body Odors Internally.
• Simply Add To Your Ferret S Food Or Water Daily.
• Helps Prevent Urinary Tract Infections, Safe and Effective.
• A Must Have For Those Who Are Sensitive To Waste Odors.
• Outstanding For Multi-Ferrets.
Suggested Retail price: $14.19