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Doskocil - Litter Scoop - Jumbo
UPC: 029695291128 (# 598119-16539-29112)
• Classic Litter Sifter Made Of Durable Plastic.
• With Microban Antimicrobial.
Suggested Retail price: $26.28
Perky Pet - Tin Jay Wood Feeder - 2 Lb
UPC: 717816501712 (# 629944-16907-50171)
• This Bird Feeder Has Twig Style Aluminum Perches and An Attached Seed Tray
• Made Of A Cedar Wood Construction, The Feeder Comes With A Hanging Wire For Easy Installation
• 2 Pound Capacity
Suggested Retail price: $31.59
Zoo Med - Hermit Crab Fruit Salad Natural Fruit Treat - 0.85 Ounce
UPC: 097612009613 (# 604754-16933-HC-61)
• All Natural Fruit Treat For Hermit Crabs
• Contains Dried Apples, Cranberries, and Mango
• Made In The USA
Suggested Retail price: $5.79
Zoo Med - Hermit Crab Bright Bowls Water And Food Dish - Blue
UPC: 097612009828 (# 604758-16958-HC-82)
• Matched Set Of Food and Water Dishes In A Cool Neon Colors
• Hygienic, Washable, and Easy To Clean
• Made In The USA
Suggested Retail price: $9.29
Grannicks Bitter Apple - Bitter Apple Spray for Dogs - 16 oz
UPC: 037685325746 (# 296945-18369-1116AT)
• Taste Deterrent For Dogs.
• Maintains Coat In Salon Show Perfection.
• No More Fur Biting, Hair Chewing, Or Skin Scratching.
• Protects Fabrics.
• Can Also Be Used On Wounds and Bandages.
Suggested Retail price: $13.79
Mendota Pet - Large Breed Coupler, 2-Dog - Red - 1"w x 28 Inch
UPC: 793721036013 (# 03601-18793)

Used with our Snap Leash on an integral ring for 2 dogs.

Suggested Retail price: $15.49
Mendota Pet - Show Slip Collar - Red - 22 Inch
UPC: 793721422014 (# 42201-18811)
A sleek stylish look and great feel makes the Diamond Braid a popular choice for show or small breed handling.
Suggested Retail price: $8.49
Mendota Pet - British Show Snap Leash - Blue - 1/8 Inch x 4 Feet
UPC: 793721018026 (# 01802-31567)

A sleek stylish look and great feel makes the Diamond Braid a popular choice for show or small breed handling.

Suggested Retail price: $10.99
Prevue Pet Products - Parakeet Triple Roof Cage - Assorted - 26 x14 x 22.5 Inch/2 Pack
UPC: 048081118047 (# 067147-37581-1804TR)
• Features A Unique Triple Roof Design and Has A Removable Bottom Grille and Pull-Out Drawer For Easy Cleaning • Includes 2 Plastic Cups and 4 Wood Perches and Is Designed For Parakeets, Cockatiels and Other Small To Medium Birds.
Suggested Retail price: $104.99
Four Paws - Wee Wee Pads Puppies - 100 Count
UPC: 045663016395 (# 435177-48514-100202089)
• The Super Absorbent Wee-Wee Pad Is Scientifically Treated Toattract Puppies When Nature Calls.
• Plastic Lining Prevents Damage To Floors and Carpets.
• Four Paws Wee-Wee Pads Are Versatile In That They Can Be Used For Training.
• Or As An Everyday Alternative To The Outdoors When Pets Are Housebound.
Suggested Retail price: $53.29
Zilla - Night Red Heat Incandescent Bulb - 150 watt
UPC: 096316671485 (# 276527-51717-100109923)
• Provides 24-Hour Ambient Heat Source For A Healthy Reptile Environment
• Red Light Provides Nocturnal Viewing Without Disturbing The Reptiles Day and Night Cycles
• Ideal For Tropical and Desert Habitats
• Made From Glass Containing Rare Earth Red Phosphors
Suggested Retail price: $9.39
Doskocil - Cafe Waterer - Tan - 3 Gallon
UPC: 029695244056 (# 598476-53087-24405)
• A Stylishly Designed Gravity Waterer
• Easy To Clean and Fill
• Water Level Automatically Replenishes As Needed
Suggested Retail price: $23.39
Ethical Dog - Skinneeez Big Bite Wolf - 22 Inch
UPC: 077234056554 (# 688199-53273-5655)
Suggested Retail price: $11.89
Mars Fishcare North America - Algaefix - 16 Ounce
UPC: 317163050873 (# 972419-53970-87E)
• Controls Many Types Of Algae In Freshwater Aquariums Containing Live Fish and Plants
• Effectively Controls Green Water Algae Blooms
Suggested Retail price: $22.39
Midwest Container - Ombre Swirl Bed - Grey - 21 x 12
UPC: 027773014317 (# 568587-54028-40622-SBG)
• Plush, Ultra-Soft Polyester
• Tufted, Plush Polyfiber Cushion
• Non-Skid Bottom Surface
• Completely Machine Washable
• Keeps Pets Cool In The Summer and Warm In The Winter
Suggested Retail price: $19.99
Oster - Golden A5 2 Speed Clipper - Blue
UPC: 034264416949 (# 194514-54160-78005-140)
• Powerful Clipper That Runs Up To 2700 Strokes Per Minute
• Universal Motor Technology To Handle Any Type Of Animal S Coat
• Comes With A# 10 A-5 Cryogen X Agion Blade
• New Housing Made From A New Material That Is Virtually Unbreakable
• Can Use Any Type Of A-5 Blade
• With All Precision Appliances Keep Blade Clean and Lubricated, Every 4 To 6 Weeks
Suggested Retail price: $218.99
Partrade - Boot Jacks - Natural - 12 Inch
UPC: 715519423096 (# 634806-54193-242309)
• To Help Pull Off Boots
Suggested Retail price: $25.79
Durvet/Pet - Spectra Shield For Dogs - 14-29 Lb
UPC: 745801011373 (# 699002-71887-011-1137)

Note :-  Restricted States: NY


• For Control Of Ticks and Fleas On Dogs For Up To 4 Months
• Collar Medallion That Contains A Powerful Synergized Pyrethroid Insecticide That Kills Adult Fleas and All Stages Of Ticks
• Exhibits Very Low Toxicity To Animals and Humans

Suggested Retail price: $18.49
DogTales4You - Chance Rose Card-BLANK-#20 - 5x7 Inch
UPC: 616983403624 (# 616983403624-74304)
Suggested Retail price: $2.99
Parisian Pet Prince Dog T-Shirt-Medium
UPC: P004M (# PP-P004M-90511-PP-P004M)
Any prince needs a suitable shirt to match his personality, and this shirt is simply ideal! Designed with a beautiful blue color tone, this prince dog shirt features a large golden crown detail embroidered just above the word "Prince". A small star with a light blue contour adds a cute note to the design. With six sizes available, even tiny pups can wear this shirt and it will fit them perfectly! The high quality cotton material is easy to care for and will guarantee extra comfort. With our remarkably low prices, you can order these prince dog shirts wholesale today for your store and you'll boost your profit margins more efficiently! 

Suggested Retail price: $12.95
Parisian Pet Bitches Love Me Dog T-Shirt-Medium
UPC: P013M (# PP-P013M-90533-PP-P013M)
If you're looking for wholesale funny shirts for dogs at a great price, you're in the right place! Here at Parisian Pet we carry amazing and creative designs that always have the right price tag for your business. This funny shirt for large dogs features a message embroidered in vibrant yellow on black: "Bitches love me!", and will suit many breeds as it comes in sizes of up to 5XL. Made of 100% cotton, the shirt will be easy to clean and will keep dogs comfortable at all times. Not just for larger breeds, this item is also available in XXS, so tiny pups can confidently make the same declaration! 
Suggested Retail price: $12.95
Parisian Pet Lifeguard On Doody Dog T-Shirt-Medium
UPC: P010M (# PP-P010M-90549-PP-P010M)
This lifeguard dog shirt is ideal for any pooch that likes to be admired. Perfect for a summer wardrobe, this shirt features a striking color palette that makes it stand out from the crowd. The bright red cotton and the immaculate white letters combine to create a clothing item that certainly makes an impression. A message with a play on words is embroiders in white, along with a large bone shape. The XXS size will make pet owners looking for a shirt for small dogs happy, while the 3XL size will suit larger breeds perfectly. With our fantastic prices, you can order these lifeguard dog shirts wholesale and save money for your business! 

Suggested Retail price: $12.95
Parisian Pet I Love Daddy Dog T-Shirt-Medium
UPC: P007M (# PP-P007M-90565-PP-P007M)
Perfect as a gift for any pet owner, this lovely I love daddy dog shirt display a heartfelt message in bold letters, for all the world to know! "I love my daddy" is embroidered in black in a charming font, along with a large red heart. The light gray cotton material provides the perfect backdrop for this design, creating a beautiful contrast. Easy to care for and to clean, these shirts will look fantastic for a long time. With eight sizes to choose from, you can order these wholesale cute dog shirts today, so that your customers can finally find small dog clothing for their tiny pups. Plus, with our incredible prices, you'll boost your profit margins as well!
Suggested Retail price: $12.95
Parisian Pet I Love Mommy Dog T-Shirt-3X-Large
UPC: P006XL3 (# PP-P006XL3-90581-PP-P006XL3)
Designed with a heart melting message and an adorable design, this I love mommy dog shirt would make an ideal gift for a pet owner! The letters are beautifully embroidered in onyx black, with a large red heart adding another charming note to the design. The fantastic range of sizes start from the tiny XXS to the imposing 5XL, ensuring that dogs small or large can declare their love for their parent!  The light gray color is chic, and thanks to the high quality cotton material it can be cleaned regularly and maintained looking like new for a long time. Order these shirts for large dogs or extra small today to set your store a level above the rest! 

Suggested Retail price: $14.95
Parisian Pet Miami Poochie Dog T-Shirt-X-Small
UPC: P022XS (# PP-P022XS-90597-PP-P022XS)
This Miami shirt for dogs is perfect for any resident, visitor or admirer of this vibrant city. Made with a lovely pink color tone and brightly colored embroidery, this tee stands out from afar and will help princesses get where they always want be: at the center of attention. The two small paws add a cute tone to the design, along with the tiny hearts. Available in eight sizes, these wholesale Miami dog shirts will suit tiny and large breeds in equal measure. Place your order today to find out how our remarkably low prices can boost your profit margins! 
Suggested Retail price: $12.95
Parisian Pet Troublemaker Dog T-Shirt-X-Large
UPC: P019XL (# PP-P019XL-90613-PP-P019XL)
Big personalities can come in extremely small packages. This troublemaker dog shirt will suit a tiny pup that has a stubborn character or extra energy. The beautiful green color tone will suit both boys and girls. Made of quality cotton, the shirt features white lettering in white, gorgeously embroidered with a light blue outline for more visual impact. Available in six sizes that range from XXS to XL, these tees are perfect for pet owners always on the lookout for high quality and creative small dog clothes. Place your order today to make sure that your store has the products your customers are looking for! 

Suggested Retail price: $12.95
Parisian Pet Santa's Little Helper Dog T-Shirt-X-Large
UPC: P043XL (# PP-P043XL-90629-PP-P043XL)
Designed with an adorable message and charming details, this Santa t-shirt for dogs is a must-have for any pet owners who want to dress their pups in more festive clothing. The gorgeous green colored shirt has a red hem and features lovely embroidered details. "Santa's little helper" is written in a graceful font and Santa's red hat rests on a letter; the two small paw prints complete the design. Available in eight sizes, starting from XXS and going up to 3XL, these wholesale Santa dog shirts are as practical as they are stylish and affordable. Order them today to make sure that your store is always prepared for the holiday season! 
Suggested Retail price: $12.95
Parisian Pet Awesome Dog T-Shirt-X-Small
UPC: P041XS (# PP-P041XS-90645-PP-P041XS)
Perfectly capturing the spirit of a summer trip by the seaside, this captain dog shirt has a cute design and wonderful colors. The blue and white striped tee features embroidered details, with a red anchor and the word "Captain" in a large font. Manufactured from cotton, this doggie shirt will be easy to care for and to clean. A great addition to any pup's summer wardrobe, this shirt will fit extra small breeds and medium size dogs perfectly. At Parisian Pet you will always find high quality and affordable prices. It's the ideal combination to help you give your business an edge over the competition! 
Suggested Retail price: $12.95
Parisian Pet Lil Angel Pink Dog T-Shirt-XX-Small
UPC: P039XXS (# PP-P039XXS-90661-PP-P039XXS)
When it comes to dog clothing, pink is a timeless color. Here it combines with an elegant design and a cute message to create a must-have apparel item for any princess. This Lil angel dog shirt has a light pink color tone and features lettering in dark chocolate brown alongside embroidered angel wings. Made of high quality and durable cotton, this angel pink dog shirt will last for a long time. The eight convenient sizes include XXS and 3XL, providing pet owners with amazing variety and a wonderful opportunity to find the perfect fit for their pup. Take advantage of our remarkably low prices and place an order today! 

Suggested Retail price: $12.95
Bloem - Saturn Planter - Chocolate - 5 Inch
UPC: 814174021965 (# 010250-93529-SP0545)
A coarse texture over the entire body and saucer of the planter is a perennial favorite of decorators. This planter looks great in both casual or formal settings. Recyclable plastic.
Suggested Retail price: $2.99
Perfect storm - Mens Shelter High Boot - Black - 11
UPC: 813562021600 (# 029085-94609-S7047MB)

100% waterproof. Perform shield handle. Eva midsole. Rugged multisport outsole with 5mm lugs. Anti-microbial protection. Active comfort range 60f to -30f

Suggested Retail price: $141.19
Elite Pharmaceuticals - Argan Oil Conditioner-Orange-32 Oz
UPC: 40232253256 (# 033013-94860-E3-150032)
Elite Pharmaceuticals - Argan Oil Conditioner-Orange-32 Oz
Suggested Retail price: $16.59
Miller Mfg - Little Giant BeekeepInchesg Hive Tool - Wood - 10 Inches
UPC: 084369173940 (# 052846-95557-HT10)
For separating frames and boxes - specially designed for use with beehives. Angled end for prying apart frames. Beveled edge for scraping off excess wax or propolis on frames. Made in the USA.
Suggested Retail price: $6.69
Panacea - Rooster Weathervane Shepherd Hook-Rust-78 Inch
UPC: 93432846803 (# 086313-97103-84680)
Include a directional weathervane with decorative stampings and trendy rust finish.. Tops can easily be removed for quick transportation.
Suggested Retail price: $45.79
Easy Gardener - Ross Garden Netting-Black-14X75 Foot
UPC: 39044158002 (# 297860-98459-15800)
Protects ripening garden crops from birds and other animals. Lightweight and easy to handle, can be cut with scissors. Uv-protected plastic mesh will not rust or rot an is durable enough to reuse season after season. Safe alternative to chemicals. Stops plant and crop damage.
Suggested Retail price: $42.69
Melnor - Hose Valve - Green
UPC: 42206090010 (# 538329-99869-9001)
High impact plastic. Built-in shut-off.
Suggested Retail price: $9.39
Pet Factory - Usa Beefhide Mini Rolls - Regular - 16 Oz 3.5 Inch
UPC: 94983781216 (# 547747-99935-78121)
Made in the usa. Tested by a certified independent lab to be 99% digestible. Helps to promote clean teeth and gums. All natural beefhide, no preservatives or additives. Manufactured following strict global food safety initiative standards.
Suggested Retail price: $12.69
Dewitt Company - Silver Black Tarp (6Oz)-Silver/Black-20X20
UPC: 43326817617 (# 555923-100069-S20X20-P)
Sunshield tarps are 6 oz. uv resistant with silver on one side and black on the other. Constructed with a 14 x 14 weave count and is 11-12 mil. Rustproof grommets are every 2 around the hem. Heavy duty plastic reinforced corners and 1/4 bolt roping in the hem. 20 x 20 tarp.
Suggested Retail price: $95.79
Chemtech D - Evergreen Pro 60 - 6 Quart - 32 Oz
UPC: 848920000133 (# 699800-101112-048-5069510)

A pyrethrin-based botanical insecticide synergized with piperonyl butoxide to maximize control, coverage and efficacy.. Fast knockdown of more than 100 different insects. Ideal pre-harvest clean up spray

Suggested Retail price: $213.89
Miller Mfg - Little Giant Muck Cart - Black - 350 Lb Capacity
UPC: 084369153454 (# 957019-101879-CA500A)
Two-wheel pneumatic utility cart. Drop-down retaining ring collapses for loading full, heavy, or large items. Retractable kickstand, adjustable handles, folds for storage or travel. Made in the USA.
Suggested Retail price: $96.39
Zanies - Cheese Wedge Cat Toy Display - 60 Fur Mice
UPC: 721343201168 (# TP20116-111566)
Filled with 60 lifelike, catnip-filled furry mice that crinkle, this Zanies Cheese Wedge Display is sure to appeal to any cat-owning customers.
Suggested Retail price: $44.00
Zanies - Ruff N Tumble Bone - Large - Blue
UPC: 721343382973 (# ZA1191 30 19-111581)
Customers will love our Zanies Ruff N' Tumble Dog Bone Toys. Each embossed plush bone has a paw print design and comes in three great choices and three sizes.
Suggested Retail price: $8.99
Zanies - Skedaddle Squirrel
UPC: 721343150145 (# ZA150 14-111595)
Zanies Skedaddles are lots of fun for active cats. Pull the cord and watch them go!
Suggested Retail price: $7.99
Zanies - Big Yelper - Red
UPC: 721343941729 (# ZA3040 83-111604)
Our Zanies Neon Lil' and Big Yelpers are colorful, cute, and cuddly fun for any dog! Each toy includes a squeaker and comes with a hangtag and hanging loop for easy retail display.
Suggested Retail price: $4.99
Zanies - Skedaddle Buggies Cat Toys Clip Strips
UPC: 721343019275 (# ZA5841 06-111629)
Zanies Skedaddle Buggies toys work without batteries! Simply pull the cord to make them skitter and jitter! Clip Strips holds six pieces.
Suggested Retail price: $39.98
Zanies - Wild Style Bone Mini Clip Strip - 12Pc
UPC: 721343981800 (# ZA9818 12-111645)
Zanies Wild Style Mini Bone Clip Strips are plush bone-shaped toys for dogs. Clip strip of 12 toys; each toy measures 5" and contains a squeaker.
Suggested Retail price: $28.80
Zanies - Embroidered Berber Bone - 8Inch - Pink
UPC: 721343377757 (# ZW377 75-111682)
Zanies Berber Bones toys feature an embroidered heart on the outside and an attention-getting squeaker on the inside.
Suggested Retail price: $6.99
Zanies - Bitty Buddy 3Inch - Moo
UPC: 721343533122 (# ZW533 12-111694)
Our small plush Zanies Bitty Buddies Training Toys for Dogs with squeakers are ideal for training or the show ring.
Suggested Retail price: $4.99
Zanies - Rope Bone - 8.5Inch
UPC: 721343800088 (# ZW800 08-111701)
Colorful Zanies Knotted Rope Bones are a great way to satisfy a dog's urge to chew. They're tough and durable, plus they help keep dog's teeth and gums clean and healthy.
Suggested Retail price: $5.99
Zanies - Rope Bone - 18Inch
UPC: 721343800187 (# ZW800 18-111705)
Colorful Zanies Knotted Rope Bones are a great way to satisfy a dog's urge to chew. They're tough and durable, plus they help keep dog's teeth and gums clean and healthy.
Suggested Retail price: $9.99